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Toushiro stood in front of the narrow stone. Karin Kurosaki’s headstone was nothing special, just a basic design. Even though Toushiro had only known her for a short time, he could tell that she would prefer such a stone.

He still didn’t understand why her soul had not been accounted for. They weren’t even sure if her soul was still on earth. A hollow could have eaten it and no one would even know! He could only hope that she was either still safe on earth or that she had been passed over to the Soul Society. He was frustrated and unsure of what to do, and Toushiro Hitsugaya HATED being flustered.

With a disgusted snort and a mumbled “Women...”, he crossed his arms and glared at the stone. Turning on his heel after a minutes, his captains cloak swirling out behind him, he headed away from the cemetery. Due to the fact that no one else was having any luck locating her, he would do so himself. First stop, the Kurosaki residence.

Here's the second installment to my newest fanfic. KarinxHitsugaya.
HkRevan Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2008
I interject not for the crap word. Maybe for something else like.

Troublesome. Ridiculous or Woman. Well the woman part is a favorite for my favorite green eyes Espada but...

I like the fic. It's short but it has substance.
HitsuKarin-fanclub Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2007
does the word "crap" part of the story or what?

you know, the story it's not that bad. i guess it's just short.
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